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Laurel Silverman

What you can expect from Pilates:


  • Increased Circulation & Blood Flow

  • Deeper fuller breath

  • Increased Flexibility, Joint Mobility and Strength

  • Uniformed Body Development

  • Stress Relief

  • Less Injury Prone

  • Improved Posture, Balance, Alignment and Coordination

  • Mind – Body Connection

  • Relief of Lower Back Pain

"I believe that Pilates is not just a workout but a way of life. Pilates is meant to allow you to live, work, and play up to your best potential. It is not just about how you look on the outside, (although you will look great!) but how you feel and move. I specialize in dealing with athletes, rehabilitation, pre/post natal, neurological conditions, as well as your average Joe or Jill."

In Person & Virtual Sessions Available 

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